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Grapes - Red

Grapes are immensely valuable as a healing fruit . They are rich in glucose, which is pure energy to the body. The glucose also supplies the heart vath energy and strengthens the heart and its muscles. Grapes contain tartaric acid and malic acid. Tartaric acid stimulates the intestines.

Avoid washing grapes before storing them.

Check through bunches for spoiled grapes and remove them.

Put the grapes in a plastic bag in your refrigerator. Store them for no longer than a week.

Wash the grapes under cold water just before serving

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  Weight Price   
2x400g Mix Grapes
2 x400g Mix Grapes
0.8 kg 4.00 
2x400g Red Grapes
2x400g Red Grapes
0.8 kg 4.00 
Grapes - Red
Grapes - Red
0.4 kg 2.00 

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