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Pear - Conference

A slender, smooth skinned russet pear, excellent eaten fresh or cooked. Unusually sold fairly hard but quickly becomes ripe and juicy.

Pears should be left at room temperature to ripen.

4 ripe pears
Maple syrup
Twist of freshly milled black pepper
1 x 250g natural sheep's yoghourt
2 tsp chopped basil
2 tsp chopped mint

1. oven = 200 Degrees C,Gas 6.
2. Slice pears from stalk to bottom, remove core with a teaspoon, remove rest of core with a sharp knife.
3. Cut a sliver from the bottom of each half of pear, so they stand level. Place pears on a baking sheet, drizzle over a little maple syrup and 2 twists of black pepper, bake in oven.
4. Cook until soft and fleshy, for 20 mins. Do not over cook. Cool.
Beat yoghourt, basil and mint together, sweeten slightly with maple syrup.
5. Place the pears in a bowl and spoon over the yoghourt and a little maple syrup.

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1kg UK Conference Pears (approx 6 in bag)
1kg Conference Pear
1 kg 2.40 
Conference Pear English
Conference Pear
0 kg 0.40 
Pear 5 UK Conference
Pear 5 Conference
0 kg 1.80 

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