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8 rashers unsmoked back bacon, cut
into strips
8 pork sausages (or more if needed)
1 pint beef stock, using a stock cube
6-8 teaspoons gravy granules
salt to season

1 pint boiling water
1. Cut the bacon rashers into
strips, then wrap the sausages with
one strip per sausage.
2. Heat a large frying pan and brown
the sausages, then place into a
casserole dish.
3. Add the stock cube to the boiling
water, then add 6-8 teaspoons of gravy
granules until you have a thick gravy.
Season with salt.
4. Pour the gravy over the sausages
and cook

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  Weight Price   
2x6 Best Pork Sausage (approx 900g)
2x6 Best Pork Sausage
0.8 kg 5.00 
6 Best Pork Sausage (approx 450g)
6 Best Pork Sausage
0.4 kg 3.20 
Handmade Best Pork Sausage.

Price per kilo 8.80
6 Lincolnshire Pork Sausage (approx 400g)
Lincolnshire Pork Sausage
0.4 kg 3.20 
Pork Chipolatas
Pork Chipolatas
0.4 kg 3.50 

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